Dancing Through the Storm: An Integral Approach to Transformative Leadership

This book is aimed at coaches of leaders, and those leaders who embrace a coaching style. It is particularly for leaders who want to transform a diverse company culture in order to maximise positive relationships across all levels of their organisation. The challenges facing leaders have arguably never been greater than they are today. The kind of leadership that enhances and creates positive relationships for individuals, teams and societies is essential to navigating these challenges. 

Dorrian’s book offers case study examples, skills and practices for leaders who aim to enhance business performance, build resilience and retain top talent.

What are the approaches and skills that support becoming a transformative leader? Dancing Through the Storm: An Integral Approach to Transformative Leadership is a timely and inspiring answer to this question. The book shares deep insights into leadership challenges and pitfalls in organisational behaviour. Dancing Through the Storm offers clear, evidence-based studies that give a practical framework for interpreting significant underpinning theories and applying them to our own situations. 

Key to the leadership practices advocated in this book are three interlocking approaches.  An essential  base line is establishing a listening culture, one that manages timely, effective and efficient meetings. The conditions of such a culture set the grounds for a robust environment of psychological safety – where staff at every level are encouraged to speak up in the interests of better business outcomes. This enables the raising of emotional intelligence through individual self-awareness and enhanced awareness of others. Thirdly, business outcomes are maximised through the application of an Integral model that ensures every meeting, every plan, every proposed project and review of actions takes into account four essential always-present perspectives, overcoming potential blind-spots.  

While all leaders and coaches will benefit from the offerings in this book, it will strike a special chord with the leaders of diverse teams, giving practical tips on how to build employee engagement and run more inclusive meetings. For examples of how to become a better leadership coach or a better leader,  read Dancing Through the Storm. Available soon.