About Dorrian Aiken

Lecturer on the USB Business School M Phil in Business Management Coaching. Current research interest: brain activity and human behaviour in leadership.

Founder of ProCorp cc established 1998 to promote high-trust, high-performance environments through group interventions (www.procorp.co.za).

Doctor of Philosophy (University of Exeter, UK 1995)

Doctorate in Professional Studies (Executive Coaching, University of Middlesex, Centre for Work-based Learning 2006).

Certified Integral Coach™

Certified Thinking Environment™ Coach & Consultant

Motivational speaker and author

Member of COMENSA

What I do

I make connections for non-academics of a world of discoveries and experiences that help to change lives and relationships for the better. For the world of work, and especially for those in leadership, practical focussed steps help clients see complexity in their own context, how the pieces of ‘me’, ‘we’ and ‘world’ fit together. The interlocking patterns are obscured to us for a number of reasons, not least because we bump up against a multiplicity of world views, each with its own set of beliefs, governing thoughts and actions – and all of which are present amongst us right now.