About Dorrian’s forthcoming book


Dancing Through the Storm: An Integral Approach to Transformative Leadership This book is aimed at coaches of leaders, and those leaders who embrace a coaching style. It is particularly [...]

About Dorrian’s forthcoming book2022-04-06T12:48:04+01:00

Individual Coaching Sessions


In the current world of uncertainties, what most helps you as a leader in achieving positive outcomes is not just your technical expertise, but your self-awareness in leading and [...]

Individual Coaching Sessions2022-04-06T10:30:13+01:00

Breakthrough News from Dorrian Aiken


Inspired by the success of my online classes and coaching sessions, I’ve decided to share them with a wider audience. Hence the offerings on my website, described in this newsletter. [...]

Breakthrough News from Dorrian Aiken2022-04-06T12:05:18+01:00

What is vertical learning?


Never heard of the term 'vertical learning'? To put it into perspective, you’re probably already really good at horizontal learning. A good example is learning to drive a car. When [...]

What is vertical learning?2019-03-10T15:35:42+00:00

3 key leadership skills


Great leadership is not about self-aggrandisement, not about ‘me and my ego’ but focuses on positive engagement with people. Great leaders are know how to listen to others in such [...]

3 key leadership skills2019-03-10T15:36:02+00:00
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