Ways of Being, Ways of Seeing

Mindful Living

Introducing 6 One-day workshops on Mindful Living

Each of us has our own unique way of seeing and being in the world and the degree to which we are aware of this is related to our capacity to change, grow and develop. The Mindful Living workshops comprise a blend of up-to-the-minute theory and fun-filled practice, with a bundle of tools (practices, tips, further references) to take away with you.

While there is a developmental theme that connects and evolves throughout the six workshops, each workshop can stand alone with its unique developmental focus.

Who should come: leaders, coaches, parents – in fact any adult seriously interested in deepening awareness and the capacity to manage the unpredictable complexity and challenge of daily life with skillful ease.

Workshop 1: The four faces of human reality

Introduction to the Four Quadrants of Integral Operating System

Which face is mine? Which face do others see? Where is my optimum personal growth area?

Transformation versus translation – the importance of states of awareness.

An introduction to the principles of Integral Life Practice.

Workshop 2: Growing conscious awareness – 6 lines of ego development

Introduction to theory and life practices on adult ego development.

Identify where you are on each of the 6 ‘intelligences’ in order to build a daily practice of self-development.

Take home a self-designed plan of practice that works for you.

Workshop 3: The neuroscience of personality – the Enneagram: you and your relationships

Introduction to the Enneagram; learn about its ancient roots and modern wisdoms and usage

Work on your own Enneagram style and find out about deep and often unconscious ‘messages’ that influence you today.

Work with others in sharing their particular styles and discover new ways of connecting and understanding differences.

Workshop 4: Our complex Brain and the value of mindfulness

An overview of the human brain and the way it functions – the ways in which we are ‘hard-wired’ to choose to survive.

Introduction to and practice with David Rock’s SCARF model of optimizing positive relationships with ‘brain in mind’.

You can teach on old dog new tricks – understanding the importance of physical practices in growing mindfulness to reframe brain patterns.

Workshop 5: Dynamic Diversity and Interpersonal Intelligence in the 21st century

Discover a model of understanding how zones of exclusion are created.

Liberate yourself from your self-imposed zones of exclusion – self-limiting assumptions.

Experience your own inescapable humanness in discrimination.

Understand the difference between innate human survival strategies and institutionalized co-option into ‘The rules of the game’.

Find out how to address zones of exclusion wherever they exist.

Workshop 6: An experiential day of Integral Life Practice

Welcome to the world of Integral Life Practice – a way of growing and developing to your fullest capabilities through ‘cross-training’ with body, mind, emotions, spirit – and shadow.

Why a life practice? To wake up in all directions and dimensions of your being.

Experience and take away with you several 1-minute module practices that you can expand into a self-designed plan of practice that works for you.