Coaching skills for leaders to enhance your people skills

Grow your leadership skills by managing excellent relationships.  A leadership development coach is not the expert on your game – you are. A coach facilitates your designing the process from where you are now to where you want to be.

The Highest Trees Get The Most Wind.

Leadership can often be a lonely position loaded with responsibility, testing your softer skills to the max while you perform the tasks in your official job description. As your coach, I act as your thinking partner above all else. I’m here to be your sounding board in a personal and confidential space where you can explore and develop all the potential already available to you: ultimately to help you commit to action and achieve  – even exceed – your goals.

If you have considered improving your relational skills, you already  have a developed sense of self awareness and realise you want to be even more effective leader than you are now.

See my blog for more information: What is a leadership development coach and how will coaching benefit you?

  • Individual Coaching Sessions


    Coaching helps you shift from where you are to where you want to be

    Coaching helps you discover thoughts you were not aware of. You find the courage to take new steps, to overcome untrue self-limiting beliefs.  And you have support in your journey to achieve better outcomes for you that will endure. Integral coaching means that every important perspective in your life is included - your thoughts, feelings and values, your behaviours and capacities, your relationships and the systems you live and work in.
  • Introduction for individuals to the full range of the Enneagram

    The Enneagram is widely regarded as a powerful profiling and developmental framework. Millions of people around the world use the nine types of the Enneagram to identify and understand their underlying patterns. In professional or personal life, knowing your enneagram profile helps you to build on your strengths. You gain skills in managing better relationships by understanding what motivates attitudes and behaviours for each of the nine types.    
  • Enabling individuals to overcome blocks to breakthrough thinking

    The listening partner or coach  will discover how to create the perfect conditions for the most productive thinking in a client or colleague. Your own experience on this course of being the thinking partner will show you just how powerful this process is. And how liberating it can be.    
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