Thinking Partnerships


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Enabling individuals to overcome blocks to breakthrough thinking

The listening partner or coach  will discover how to create the perfect conditions for the most productive thinking in a client or colleague. Your own experience on this course of being the thinking partner will show you just how powerful this process is. And how liberating it can be.



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Have you ever had a problem you were burning to talk about with a friend or colleague, only to feel frustrated or discouraged because, in their eagerness to help, you were interrupted and given advice you didn’t really want? And have you done that to your friends and family? You discover in this training the joy of thinking aloud in the presence of a partner who listens so well that you find yourself discovering feelings and thoughts you hadn’t even been aware of thinking. This is the powerful impact of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, a thinking partnership and coaching process. You learn to access listening skills that liberate the independent thinking of others. And you experience your own break-through thinking. This process changes lives. If ever you have longed for leadership you can trust, to be the leader, parent, partner and friend that others trust,  this is the process to master.


3 days.

Who should attend:

Managers, parents, teachers, coaches, counsellors, therapists and leaders.


Live, online sessions using Zoom. Trained by Nancy Kline, Dorrian is a certified Thinking EnvironmentTM coach, consultant and facilitator and a founding member of the Time To Think collegiate in South Africa.


Groups of 3 – 12 people


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What you gain:

  • Discover how truly thinking for yourself leads to breakthroughs in your life.
  • Become skilled at creating the conditions that inspire quality thinking in others.

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23, 24 June & 1 July 2022, 1, 2, & 9 September 2022


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