My signature 16 hour programme:

8 x 2-hour sessions


Leaders as coaches

When you master one of these disciplines, you are implicitly connecting all the disciplines.

Why should you do this training?

The very skills that a good coach uses to ensure a client achieves greater success in their professional and personal lives are the competencies leaders and managers need every day to inspire exemplary team performance. Aimed at Exco teams and direct reports, team leaders and their members, members of the board, this series of eight 2-hour sessions builds a set of interconnected competencies that palpably transforms team performance. Participants take their experiential learning immediately into on-the-job practices, each week’s session building on the one before.

Session 1. The listening skills.

Start with learning to listen. Get out of the way of the other’s thinking. It’s a particular kind of paying attention. It takes practice. What it achieves is miraculous – for the listener and especially for the thinker.

Session 2. Being the coach.

Using a powerful but simple time-tested coaching model, practice having a structured goal-focused action-oriented conversation. Honing your listening skills, now learn how to ask the questions that shape impactful innovative thinking, one-on-one.

Session 3. Checking assumptions.

We all make assumptions. The deadly ones are the untrue assumptions about self or about the way the world works that stop potential in its tracks.  Discover how to free yourself and others from untrue limiting assumptions – both self-limiting, as well as limiting to business growth – and experience the immediate positive energy that results.

Session 4. Transforming meetings.

Transform your meetings from tedious time- and cost-wasting sessions to being time-efficient, energised and productive – every time. Using your own real-time agendas and topics, learn to master the simple guidelines and techniques that have transformed meetings at GE Electric (Europe) and Google in the US.

Session 5. Integral vision

Make use of a versatile four-part model that maps four ever-present perspectives of any reality.  These quadrants help you recognise blindspots in yourself and those of others in your team; they also are excellent in giving a 360-degree diagnosis of situations, in strategy planning, or change management. Leave out the perspective of one quadrant, the other three suffer. Use the skills from the first four sessions to explore the multiple perspectives these quadrants provide.

Session 6. Neuroscience and leadership.

Discover the brain-based evidence for mastering the skills the previous sessions provide: the relational impact of positive engagement. Add to your competencies a practical toolset to recognise and reframe assumptions in order to inspire innovative thinking and passion in others.

Session 7. ‘Collaborating with the enemy’

How do you work well with people you don’t even like? Using all the competencies of your previous sessions, now discover how to work productively with conflicting world-views and values. Insight into multiple world-views, their different perspectives and evolving stages of complexity exponentially expands your repertoire in getting to the results you want.

Session 8. Emotional intelligence.

Everything I do as leader must enhance more than just me. Leadership is not ‘me myself and I’; it is we, ourselves and us– together (Sinek). Reflecting on the learning and practices from previous seven sessions, can you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on four dimensions of your EQ at Session 1, compared with the sense of yourself at this point, based on evidence on-the-job? Concluding the series, take time to plan and commit to your ongoing practices going forward.

Note: The component of Mindfulness – the buffer between a knee-jerk reaction and a considered response – runs like a golden thread through all eight 2-hour sessions. Each session ends with practices to commit to on-the-job and to reflect on when reconvening.

Follow-up: Further one-hour sessions at negotiated intervals ensure that the skills learned and practised over the eight sessions are sustainable in the long-term, and that there are recognisable and measurable benefits to leaders, for the business and for their employees.

One-on-one coaching: The invitation for individual coaching sessions with me is a given.

What clients say: 

Coaching did not come easily to me, I work in the engineering industry where the manager is seen as the “solution giver”. When your subordinates come to you with a challenge the perception is that you need to able to come up with at least one viable solution or you are seen as incapable. However, through this module I have seen the long-term benefits for both my subordinates and me in developing an environment of coaching, where I am able to stimulate their critical thinking to be able to come up with viable solutions independently, thereby empowering them to grow. Nov 2018

Thanks so, so much for your programme –  it helps me a lot at work, I have now created a solutions-driven culture in my site team, and I coach them to find the answers themselves.

I enjoy inspiring high quality thinking and assisting my team to think in a more efficient way to create new solutions to issues they are confronted with. Since I was on the course I have experienced that the quality of my listening and attention has had a real impact on the quality of my teams’s thinking. The value that I have taken from this work is the importance of, and the ability to actively listen. Kobus, Vodacom June 2018

Doing this programme helped me identify where I am at as a person and what my personal learning style is. I tend to solve problems and use my learning to find solutions to practical issues. I prefer technical tasks and am less concerned with people and interpersonal aspects. Knowing this about myself gave me the knowledge I needed to be intentional about working at my barriers in coaching and also helped me to determine what the styles of my subordinates are so that I can be a more effective coach. This was a very insightful lesson for me to utilise at work.