Leaders as coaches

When you master one of these disciplines, you are implicitly connecting all the disciplines.

My signature 16 hour programme

8 x 2-hour sessions

Ideal for Exco teams and team leaders

Expand comptencies in:

  • listening
  • coaching
  • eliminating assumptions
  • transforming meetings
  • checking blindspots in self and strategy
  • collaborating with the enemy
  • emotional intelligence

The very skills that a good coach uses to ensure a client achieves greater success in their professional and personal lives are the competencies leaders and managers need every day to inspire exemplary team performance. Aimed at Exco teams and direct reports, team leaders and their members, as well as members of the board, this series of eight 2-hour sessions builds a set of interconnected competencies that palpably transforms team performance. Participants take their experiential learning immediately into on-the-job practices, each week’s session building on the one before.

Note: The component of Mindfulness – the buffer between a knee-jerk reaction and a considered response – runs like a golden thread through all eight 2-hour sessions. Each session ends with practices to commit to on-the-job and to reflect on when reconvening.


Further one-hour sessions at negotiated intervals ensure that the skills learned and practised over the eight sessions are sustainable in the long-term, and that there are recognisable and measurable benefits to leaders, for the business and for their employees.

One-on-one coaching

The invitation for individual coaching sessions with me is a given. Contact me if you would like to discuss your personalised leadership development training.