Are you a highly conscious leader?

Take the quiz.

Rate yourself below from 1 (not really doing this) to 5 (very good at this)

Do you:

  1. Lead by example?
  2. Have engaged employees?
  3. Use intelligently focused delegation to grow and inspire others while freeing up valuable time for yourselves?
  4. Possess great resilience in times of uncertainty?
  5. Constantly train for self-awareness so that you can relate to others better?
  6. Recognise your blindspots and know how to refocus these?
  7. Understand and work well with different world views and values?


Below 10

You seriously need me but I’m not holding my breath.

Between 11-25

You’re the ideal person to benefit from my training, already on the road to conscious leadership.

Between 26-35

You don’t need me but will most likely want to do this anyway, you’re that kind of conscious leader!

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