What my clients have to say

Thanks so, so much for your programme – it helps me a lot at work, I have now created a solutions-driven culture in my site team, and I coach them to find the answers themselves.

I enjoy inspiring high quality thinking and assisting my team to think in a more efficient way to create new solutions to issues they are confronted with. Since I was on the course I have experienced that the quality of my listening and attention has had a real impact on the quality of my teams’s thinking. The value that I have taken from this work is the importance of, and the ability to actively listen. 

Kobus, Vodacom, June 2018

Doing this programme helped me identify where I am at as a person and what my personal learning style is. I tend to solve problems and use my learning to find solutions to practical issues. I prefer technical tasks and am less concerned with people and interpersonal aspects.

Knowing this about myself gave me the knowledge I needed to be intentional about working at my barriers in coaching and also helped me to determine what the styles of my subordinates are so that I can be a more effective coach. This was a very insightful lesson for me to utilise at work.

E. Le Roux, April 2018

Coaching did not come easily to me, I work in the engineering industry where the manager is seen as the “solution giver”. When your subordinates come to you with a challenge the perception is that you need to able to come up with at least one viable solution or you are seen as incapable. However, through this module I have seen the long-term benefits for both my subordinates and me in developing an environment of coaching, where I am able to stimulate their critical thinking to be able to come up with viable solutions independently, thereby empowering them to grow. 

Anonymous, November 2018