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25-40% of Fortune 500 company leaders, who are already at the top of their game, engage a leadership development coach. Top performing leaders are self-aware and constantly work on increasing their confidence and managing others. Are you?

Dorrian Aiken leadership development coach.

It is about human behaviour – increasing confidence in oneself and in managing others.

“There is a best-self version of each of us just around the corner.”

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About Dorrian’s forthcoming book

Dancing Through the Storm: An Integral Approach to Transformative Leadership This book is aimed at coaches of leaders, and those leaders who embrace a coaching style. It is particularly [...]

Thinking Partnerships

Top teams perform at their optimum when the leader understands the importance of listening, is able to reflect, and has the courage to share their thinking fully, no matter [...]

Individual Coaching Sessions

In the current world of uncertainties, what most helps you as a leader in achieving positive outcomes is not just your technical expertise, but your self-awareness in leading and [...]


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