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What I do: As a leadership development coach, I make connections for non-academics of a world of discoveries and experiences that help to change lives and relationships for the better. In the world of work, and especially for those in leadership, practical focussed steps help leaders see complexity in their own context – how the pieces of ‘me’, ‘we’ and ‘world’ fit together. The interlocking patterns are obscured to us for a number of reasons, not least because we bump up against a multiplicity of world views, each with its own set of beliefs, governing thoughts and actions – and all of which are present amongst us right now.

3 key leadership skills

Great leadership is not about self-aggrandisement, not about ‘me and my ego’ but focuses on positive engagement with people. Great leaders are know how to listen to others in such a way that their team are inspired to come up with bold solutions-focused thinking. None of these are new concepts but how many executives and senior managers know how to [...]

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7 Ways to overcome your resistance to change as a leader

When it comes to change, the first step a leader needs to take is increased self-awareness. When you give someone quality attention, regardless of possible conflicting viewpoints, you give value to that person or group and their thinking improves exponentially. When people feel respected and heard they are less likely to have a resistance to change and are more open [...]

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5 Reasons to Invest in Vertical Leadership Development

Like climbing a ladder to get a bigger perspective, vertical leadership development expands your mindset and worldview, so you can handle greater complexity. This increases innovation, creativity and your ability to lead into the future.   If a leader is to flourish instead of fold in these fast-changing, complex times while managing diversity in teams in the globalised work environment [...]

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